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Bowel cancer screening program

Prevention is in our hands

Bowel cancer is the most common cancer
in men and women in Curaçao

The chance of survival depends on detecting bowel cancer as early as possible, the stage of diagnosis and improved diagnosis and treatment.

The estimated incidence of bowel cancer in 2015 was 100 out of 100.000 people per year. The causes of bowel cancer are varied, and lifestyle factors may increase the risk of bowel cancer. However, familial risk for bowel cancer and polyps are well known factors.

Population screening on bowel cancer can occur through conventional colonoscopy or virtual colonoscopy.
During the preparatory phase for population screening, discussions took place with the local oncologist J.J. Schnog MD Ph.D, gastroenterologist R. Schotborgh MD, A.Saleh Ph.D and other specialists in order to determine the most suitable technique for screening, selection of the target group and guidelines for screening on bowel cancer in Curaçao.  

Fundashon Prevenshon has had a pilot screening program on bowel cancer in June 2020 in the Otrobanda area and Bandabou area (Soto, Lagun, Westpunt).

As of per September 2020, we have gone Live with the regular screening program for all residents of Curaçao between the age of 50 and 75. 

50-75 years

The program is intended for male and female with an age of 50-75 at the moment of screening


Screening is free of charge
for everyone registered at "Kranshi"
who has either Basic Health Insurance or a Guarantee Letter


In the coming 5 years, the target group will be invited to participate. 
Don't want to wait? Sign up here and we will invite you at an earlier stage.

Bo a risibí un invitashon pa partisipá na e
programa di skrinen di kanser na tripa

 Bo a risibí un invitashon pa partisipá na e programa di skrinen di kanser na tripa pero no por a duna oido na dj’é, por ehempel pa motibu di lockdown?

Ku bo invitashon bo por bai sowiso na ADC Lab òf MLS Lab pa buska e tèst òf
yama nos (bùs / zùster pabou nr 522 3380) (bùs / zùster pariba nr 524 1283) i topa nos den bo bario.

Prevení ta mihó ku lamentá.  Pre venshon ta den bo mes man!

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Programa di skrinen di kanser di tripa