Fundahson Prevenshon | Our mission

Our mission

Caribbean Prevention Center | Fundashon Prevenshon

Our Mission  is to establish and maintain a center for prevention through screening, early diagnosis and early detection of disease.

Our Vision is that the community of Curaçao will benefit from the Fundashon Prevenshon screening activities and thereby be given the chance to live a longer and healthier life.

Our Objective is to promote public health in Curaçao by reducing mortality and decreasing presentation of advanced disease, through implementation and continuation of cost-effective organized population-based screening. The screening programs are planned, executed and monitored on the principles of accountability, efficiency, and sustainability.

Our Strategy is to partner with key organizations and stakeholders and to conduct scientific research in collaboration with local and international healthcare professionals and Universities. These strategies are formed and supported as a result of collaboration with our stakeholders.

Our Stakeholders include the local Government, Organization of General Practitioners, Medical specialists, Princess Wilhelmina Foundation, other health care providers, educators, neighborhood associations and insurers.

To achieve our objectives, we aim to develop and maintain strong collaboration with the neighborhood associations and key community representatives to guarantee that the community is well-informed and aware of the benefits of screening. 

We are proud of the two successful screening programs we have launched in the ten years since our inception. Our mission remains the expansion of cancer prevention programs, nationally and internationally.

Ms. R. Pardo • Board Director • December 2018