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Photo Gallery

Highlights of our events through photo's, in chronological order.

Move to Molenplein, Otrobanda

In 2019, Fundashon Prevenshon moved from Klipstraat, after more than 10 years, to Molenplein. This new location is a full-fledged screening center not only for Curacao, but also for the region. The new location is much larger than the former location in Klipstraat.


Clinical Conference - New developments 

Fundashon Prevenshon invited Prof. R. Pijnappel, Professor of breast Radiology at UMC Utrecht and CEO at the University Medical Centre Utrecht, and Dr. Ljumanovic, Screening radiologist at Fundashon Prevenshon, to give a presentation on the new developments in breast cancer screening. The presentations were part of the quality promotion of NASKHO, for General Physicians, Oncologists and other Specialists, Resident Doctors and Nursing Staff.

  Prof. R. Pijnappel /  Dr. Ljumanovic

Konferensha Kòmbersá Salú

The objective of these "Healthy Conversations" is to engage the community, by encouraging discussions about personal health issues and offering the opportunity to raise questions and seek answers from health care professionals participating in the conference.

  May 29th, 2018 & September 2nd, 2018
WTC, Curacao
 Dr. G. Bravio / Dr. Calor / Prof. Pinedo